Get Started

Interested in implementing PBiS for your school? Congratulations! You're at the beginning of a great decision. The first step to beginning the PBiS process is administrator commitment. Interested administrators can get a first look at PBiS at Administrator Days in August. More in depth information is available at the Administrator Academy Training in October/November in sites across the state. Detailed information can be seen in the document below.

PBiS Administrators' Academy (pdf)

The next step is to build staff knowledge and support. Once staff commitment reaches 80% or above, the application may be completed and submitted for PBiS Tier 1 SW training. Schools who are accepted and attend Tier 1 training spend a minimum of two years building the school-wide PBiS process. Schools at Tier 1 commit to covering specific costs for training and support.

PBiS I Readiness Checklist (pdf)